"You can CHANGE your LIFE in the next 90 Days...and start attracting abundance in ALL areas of your life"
I’m super, super, super excited right now as I’ve got an amazing announcement that I know you’re going to LOVE…

But first I want to ask you.

We’ve just gone past the halfway mark of the year and I want to know...Did you stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Did you set yourself goals and are you on track to reach them? 

Are you making the same amount of income as last year? Are you still commuting to that J.O.B. that you just don’t like? What about your health and relationships? Is everything just still the same?

Are you feeling trapped or stuck in life, out of balance and just not sure how to break out and finally start living a life of abundance that you deserve!

How do you compare to this time last year?

Most people don’t actually know where they want to go in life, what their purpose in life is or how to break out of their current rut.

Well it DOESN’T have to be that way and that is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE...


Because for a limited time I have opened up access to my 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy
"What is the 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy"
The 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy is an intensive 90 day coaching and mentoring program where you get to make major shift in your life. It is focused on shifting the habits, mindset and paradigms that are keeping you stuck in life.

It is designed to help you understand and implement knowledge and laws that will help you to start attracting abundance into your all areas.

It is about changing our mind from a failure mechanism to a success mechanism...

Who is this for? It’s for you...
If you feel stuck,
If your health is not where you want it to be,
If your finances are not where you want them to be,
If you’re not living a life of purpose, passion and intention,
If you feel trapped and unfulfilled,
If you want to create a life where your daily work has meaning,
If you feel unfulfilled with your current daily JOB,
If you are tired of coming second best and feeling like life is working against you,
If you have a DESIRE for change,
If you’re ready to wake up feeling happy, feeling like you know your life’s purpose and you’re aligned with it,
If you want to witness miracles in your life,
If you want to attract the right people, events and situations into your life,
You are ready to step out and live in abundance,
You are ready to attract abundance into ALL areas of your life.

What can you expect at the end?
You will know exactly why you are getting the results that you are getting,
You will know how to change that,
You will know your life purpose and start aligning yourself with your life purpose,
You will have a crystal clear vision of where your life is headed, how you are going to get there and the next steps you need to take,
You will be attracting abundance into all areas of your life,
You will feel in control of your life,
You will feel aligned with life, with God and the universe,
You will wake up feeling excited, filled with desire and confident of your future,
You will no longer feel stuck, trapped or hopeless.
You will start to feel like you are a success and that anything is possible for you and your life,
The direction of your life will be 180 degrees to where you are right’ll be headed in a new, exciting and purpose driven direction.

"Here's what is INCLUDED in the 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy"
  •  90 Days of Intensive Coaching & Mentoring 
  •  Weekly Live Q&A Calls to get all your questions answered, providing you with guidance and keeping you focused,
  •  Weekly Training Videos: released every single week giving you all the knowledge that you need to start attracting more wellness, better health, more rewarding relationships, more confidence, more self-esteem, more income, how to attract your desires into your life, how to discover your life purpose, how to life your life purpose and much much more...
  • Weekly Exercises: so you can start implementing your knowledge into your life,
  •  Tools for you to use in your day to day life so you can stay in that place of attracting abundance and feeling good,
  •  An Accountability partner in me, to be there to support you and guide you through this exciting transformation process,
  •  90 Daily Video Inspirational Messages to help you start your day inspired, motivated and focused on what you want to achieve and helping you stay in that energy space as long possible,
  •  180+ daily affirmations that you can use to attract abundance into your life, so you can raise your vibration and feel good -- while creating new empowering and success habits in your mind,
  •  Abundance Meditations for you to enjoy and listen to so you can take control of your mind and not let it rule your life, while you enjoy more peace, inner calm and love,
  •  3 One-on-One Coaching calls with me so I can give you all the personal attention you need to make massive positive change in your life over the next 90 days,
  •  Private Facebook Community so you can connect with like minded individuals,
  •  Daily Access to me as your coach, mentor and accountability partner 
"How do you GET STARTED?"
So how do you join the 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy?

Well there are only 12 seats 7 SEATS available right now and you have to sign up by Midnight Wednesday July 26.

So if you are fed up with your current results, you feel like you deserve more from life, you want to make positive change in your life and you are committed to making an impact with your life starting today…

Then click on the below button to get started with the 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy…

It's time to stop waiting and hoping for change and to start attracting and expecting miracles to happen.

Love & Peace
What's Included in the 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy:
90 days intensive coaching and mentoring                  VALUE $2,990
  •  9 Weekly Live Q&A Calls
  •  9 Weekly Training Videos 20+ hours of training 
  •  Weekly exercises
  •  Accountability partner
  •  Lifetime access to all training: Change the icons in the settings
90 Daily Video Inspirational Messages                               VALUE $197
180+ Daily Abundance Affirmations                                     VALUE $67
7  Abundance Meditations                                                    VALUE $37
One-on-One Coaching Call with me                               VALUE $195
Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community                   Priceless
Daily Access to me as your coach, mentor and accountability partner                                                                                       Priceless
Price if Sold Separately:                           $3,4866+
2  Month Easy Payment Option Available

2 Month Easy Payment Option Available
  • 90 days intensive coaching and mentoring
  •  9 Weekly Live Q&A Calls
  • 9 Weekly Training Videos 20+ hours of training
  •  Weekly exercises
  •  Accountability partner
  • Lifetime access to all training
  • 90 Daily Video Inspirational Messages
  • 7 Abundance Meditations
  • Lifetime access to Private Facebook Community
  • Daily Access to me as your coach, mentor and accountability partner
PLUS These Additional BONUSES:
  • One on One Coaching Sessions: These coaching sessions would be outside of the group coaching and involve just personalized one on one Skype type coaching calls to help you accelerate your results,
  •  FREE Course -        Inspiration from the Heart: You will have access to this brand new, soon to be released course to help you attract a life of purpose, balance and love,
  • 25 FREE Audio Teachings: Inspirational and Motivational messages to help you with your life, with your purpose and your journey in life.
Like with all my other products I am offering you a 30 Day No Questions Asked FULL Money Back Guarantee.
If whatever reason you are not satisfied with the Academy, you send me an email and we'll refund your full amount immediately...and you can even keep the content you have downloaded.  Pretty cool right?

KENNETH TODD - Creator 90 Day Manifesting Abundance Academy

Living a life where we feel unfulfilled, out of balance, off purpose, confused and stuck is no fun.  No-one should live life on those terms.  The problem is billions of people do.  

Every day people are out there searching for meaning, searching for help, for purpose , for a break through.  For decades I was one of those people.  I had pulled my young self from poverty and put myself through college and ended up working in Wall Street earning some pretty good income.

The truth though, was that inside I was lost, unfulfilled and frustrated.  I didn't know what to do, how to do and where the break through was coming from.  I prayed for miracles, for a magical job or person to walk into my life...even tried to win the lottery every week, hoping that would change everything for me.

It didn't happen for me...

What did happen though was I got let go from my JOB and I also had Lyme Disease for 5 years.

That was devastating and I lost everything...including my house.

To cut a long story short, that 5 years of illness was a a period of intense suffering for me and my young family, but it was also the greatest blessing for me.  Why?  Because it forced me to rethink life and go on a mission in search for meaning and the truth.

For 12 years I have worked and studied with some of the best minds in the healing arts space and have now been teaching thousands of people all over the world about the mind, making positive change, the law of attraction, self healing, starting your own company, how to make more more, get better health and attract more fulfilling relationships while living a life of purpose...

This is my obsessions and my passion is helping other people break free and live a life that they love.

Love and Peace
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